Bett Sellers

Bett Sellers is the owner and founder of "The Sexy Box" in Miami, and "The Sexy Shop" in Hialeah, FL since 2004.


A big turn in her personal life led her to becoming an enterpreneur and a pioneer as  the first woman in Ecuador to bring and sell sexy lingerie and sex toys. Bett's business grew quickly and she decided to open in Miami, Florida 2 stores that are currently very successful after many years because of her personality, knowledge and long expertise in the industry.


Bett Sellers is not a sexologist but she became an expert because she has been trained by the best in the industry. Bett has been working for decades in this line of work, making her a unique connoisseur on the sex toys and sex products lines. She built along the years a great business with many loyal customers that come to her stores not only to buy products but also to get advise from her regarding their personal sexual needs. 

She is currently writing a book about her personal story and the revolutionary evolution of the Sex Toys and the influence of technology along the years. 

Additionally, Bett is working on a new online sex education course and podcast where she can help others with many good tips, advise and other information regarding best sex life practices and the proper use of sex toys to enjoy a healthy and joyful sex life with or without a partner.


Stay tuned for the upcoming courses and her brand new Bett Seller Podcast....


Hoping to see you soon.