My visit to the Las Vegas 2022 Lingerie Show

What’s HOT: Coming soon…Sexier come back of the latex black lingerie and an extended variety of powerful and with more speeds on sex toys.

Betty Sellers My visit to the Las Vegas 2022 Lingerie Show
Betty Sellers My visit to the Las Vegas 2022 Lingerie Show

After 3 years without being able to go to the Las Vegas Lingerie Show, it was finally held this year in March.

The Pandemic made everybody wait for the upcoming new products in the industry. Las Vegas was the place where everybody in the Sexy Lingerie, Sex Toys and complements like lubricants, massage oils and other fun items showed up to promote their brands and latest products to be released in the market.

It was good to see old friends in the industry, owners, distributors and brand ambassadors and also welcome new faces and lines in the market.

I talked for a long time and caught up with Eric, the owner of Shirley Hollywood Lingerie. We have known each other for over 30 years, since I started my business, where I’ve been their distributor for all this time.

I ran into my dear friend Amy Tsai, the Co-Founder and CMO of Leg Avenue, a Southern California based women’s clothing brand recognized worldwide for innovative Halloween costumes, fashion hosiery, and intimate apparel.  Amy has the most famous and successful line of lingerie and hosiery, because she has the most diverse and affordable prices. No one can compete with her in the industry. I love her, we always have so much fun when we get together.

What  is new in lingerie are the variety of pastel colors, very alive, colorful, and more playful. Coquette, from Canada, is bringing a new line to the market of very sexy vinyl wet look in black. Fetish is going to dominate in these new upcoming lines.

Carolina (my Miami store manager) and I revised the newest models for sexy costumes and lingerie in the catalog, selecting the best ones for our stores in Miami and Hialeah.

I was able to talk with my friend Jeremy, distributor from the ECN East Coast from Long Island, we had not seen each other for a while, and it was so nice to catch up and get to learn the new toys and powerful features.

Sex Toys are becoming more powerful, featuring many speeds. They have two motors, many colors, rotating, focusing on the clit, G-Spot, and anal stimulating toys that you can operate from an app and use it with internet, or remote control to be more playful with your partner from a distance.

Here catching up with the ambassador of the new line of toys of the Adam & Eve brand.

The most successful and revolutionary toy for women is the Satisfyer. I talked for a while with this cute guy representing them about the fast development of the clitoris suction toys in the industry.

There is also a Boom for the anal and prostate stimulation and vibrators, a new era of toys focused on the male pleasure. Most of them now are not operated by batteries as they are becoming obsolete. Now, the toys are charged by USB like the smart phones.

The materials are also getting updated and more realistic like cyber skin. Some are made of silicone and now they have included very realistic internal movements, twisting-vibrating vaginas and dolls. Some even moan and scream, once you Turn them ON!!!! We are entering a new era of almost real toys with technology that can be operated from anywhere in the world through the internet.

These new up and comers prostate toys have become the furor lately. Since doctors are recommending them to avoid prostate cancer, they are great not only to hit the male-G-spot but to activate and release the prostate fluid that needs to be released in order to avoid crystallization which generate cancerous tumors.

The new suction toys for nipples and clitoris for women are a great discovery and very successful with lines competing with each other in strength, speeds, colors and originality. These new items not only feature suction but they vibrate at the same time, giving twice the pleasure. Suitable for people who desire more intensity to their sexual needs.

Regarding the waterproof toys, now we have new submergible lines. The bullets are now better, with more functions and speeds.