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Sex Toys For Beginners

Do you want to know which sex toys to choose for better and more fulfilling sex life, or  you are into the new toys with all those different technologies, shapes and forms, speeds and intensities?

Sex toys are here to stay and bring more playfulness and pleasure to you sex life and take you to another realm of orgasms, both solo or for couple’s play, no matter your gender or sexual orientation.

Here we can guide you with the basics so you can start with the options that suits your sexual needs.

Sex Toys Vibrators Advice
Sex Toys Vibrators Advice
Sex Toys Anal Advice
Sex Toys Anal Advice
Sex Toys Dildos Advice
Sex Toys Dildos Advice
Sex Toys Pumps Advice
Sex Toys Pumps Advice
Sex Toys Strap-ons Advice
Sex Toys Strap-ons Advice
Sex Toys Cock Rings Advice
Sex Toys Cock Rings Advice
Sex Toys Strokers Sleeves Advice
Sex Toys Strokers Sleeves Advice
Sex Toys Fetish Advice
Sex Toys Fetish Advice

Vibin’ With Vibes

Not all vibrating toys are made the same. There are thousands of vibrators to choose from each one offering something unique for every user. These toys can be made of metal, plastic or silicone just to name a few. Some styles have remotes (both wired and wireless) for easy and convenient use. Some are battery operated while others are rechargeable. Not sure where to start? No problem! Here’s the insider scoop of these vibrating wonders.​

Let’s start with VIBRATION TYPES​

There are basically two different kinds of vibration types when it comes to sex toys. There is a high-pitch buzzy vibration, and a low-pitch deep rumbly vibration. And while some people are able to be stimulated by both, some people will find that they have a strong preference for one or the other. 

Any vibrator can be used anally as long as it has a flared base (without a base, without a trace!), though there is an entire category of vibrators dedicated solely for anal use. These range from handheld prostate massagers (typically with a curved tip) to anal plugs equipped with a bullet vibrator at the base, and the one thing they have in common is their wide base. It’s generally recommended to opt for premium non-porous materials, like platinum silicone, when choosing an anal vibrator. Keep in mind that it’s not recommended to use silicone lube with silicone toys. Instead, try a thick gel formula water-based lubricant to feel what all the buzz is about.

Clitoral vibrators come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are intended for clitoral stimulation, either direct or more of a surround-sound sensation. There are many faces to these vibrators: some emulate the sensation of cunnilingus (licking or sucking) while others have textured tips or attachments for a variety of sensations and intensities. 

There are bullets and egg style vibrators that are small but very mighty. These are perfect for holding against the clitoris during intercourse without getting in the way. 

For those who prefer more power in their vibrators, wand-style massagers are a great buy. Typically marketed as “muscle massagers,” these large handheld massagers typically have a large bulbous head with a wide surface area, made for external use only. Want to enjoy the intense power internally? The bulbous head can accommodate several different attachments, including smaller curved extensions for anal play or multiple insertion/stimulation points for simultaneous clitoral/vaginal pleasure or even emulate the sensation of double penetration. 

Choose from plug-in corded options (steady, unfaltering power) or more wieldy cordless rechargeable options (just don’t forget to plug it in between uses!). Due to their power, the wand massagers can often cause desensitization. Use it with caution and try different speeds and intensity to find what is best for you.

Most (but not all) people with vaginas have what’s known as the G-spot, a sensitive area behind the anterior wall (belly side up) of the vagina, often found by inserting a finger and curling it upward in a “come hither” motion. People often describe it as feeling ridged, like the shell of a walnut, and when aroused it protrudes a bit into the vagina. Not everyone has this sensitive area in their body, so if you try and don’t feel anything, that’s normal! And many people who DO have this area don’t actually enjoy having it touched – everyone’s unique and the only way to know. 

If you or a partner likes G-spot play, try it! G-spot vibrators are popular because they can provide firm, steady pressure or vibration against this sensitive spot and give our hands and fingers a rest (and leave them available for other fun stuff). They typically are curved upward (like that “come hither” finger shape) for easier contact and available in a variety of materials, from silicone to firm ABS plastic, depending on the desired sensation. Some people can ejaculate from steady G-spot massage and opt for firmer materials.

A Rabbit Vibrator is a dual-stimulation toy, usually featuring a phallic insertable shaft equipped with a clitoral vibrator that can be enjoyed separately or simultaneously. The famous “rabbit” descriptor comes from the signature bunny-ear-like clitoral ticklers that many original dual-stimulation vibrators featured, but most modern rabbit vibes no longer utilize these bunny-like features. The shaft can feature a variety of functions, from steady vibration to twirling, rotating, thrusting, or even curling upwards against the G-spot. The clitoral stimulator also comes with features, including steady vibration or pulsation, suction, or rotation. When used at the same time, users tend to have fast and powerful orgasms with minimal effort, which is why they’re so popular. Dual-stim vibrators come in different shapes and lengths and are one size fits most, so it’s possible it may take a few tries to find the dual-stim massager that fits and feels the best. 

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Dildo Deep Dive

There are so many kinds of dildos and it can be easy to be swept away and overwhelmed by the selection. The word is often used as a universal term for all kinds of sex toys, which can be confusing, and one of the most common questions we hear from newbies is, “What exactly id a DILDO?” 

Simply put, a dildo is an elongated, often phallic-shaped toy, usually with a base, and is intended for penetration solo or with a partner. Dildos come in vibrating or non-vibrating forms and are usually used for vaginal, oral, or anal penetration. Some dildos are made specifically for use with strap-on harnesses and others are soft and used for packing, which involves wearing the dildo inside of one’s pants or underwear to emulate the appearance of having a “bulge.” 

The most common materials used for insertable dildos are: silicone, elastomers (like TPE), stainless steel, polished stone, glass, and semi-soft rubbers (like TPR) and plastics. Non-porous materials (platinum silicone, glass, stainless steel) are best suited for anal insertion and toys that are shared between partners and/or orifices, because the material is easier to sterilize and is less likely to hold onto infectious germs and bacteria.

Selecting a dildo can be an extremely personal experience, and everyone’s needs and desires vary. Toys made of TPR, TPE or similar porous materials are popular for their supple texture, ability to warm up to body temperature, and affordable price points. Toys made of silicone are popular for their hypoallergenic properties, durability and longevity, quality construction and ability to be sterilized. Every material has its special traits, so it’s important to know what exactly someone is looking for to help them choose.

It’s important to note that not all silicones are created equal and most silicone lubricants are not compatible with some silicone sex toys. As a general rule, we don’t recommend silicone lube to be used with any kind of silicone dildo in order to assure its longevity and quality.

Glass, polished stone, or stainless-steel dildos offer the same hygienic properties of silicone but with a harder, firmer texture (great for play that involves firm pressure, like G-spot or prostate massage) and the added benefit of retaining hot or cold temperatures. Because these materials are not pliable like silicone, it’s important to use lots of lubricant to assure a smooth glide. These materials are compatible with all lubricant types.

Dildos can be phenomenal additions to any sex toy collection and incorporate brand-new sensations and experiences to a person’s sex life, whether solo or partnered! Whether someone chooses one that looks realistic or abstract; or pink, blue or any other color of the rainbow, it’s key to find the shape, size, and material that feels right. There’s so much to choose from, so take the time to experiment and try new styles.

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Sex Toys for Cocks and Butts

Sex toys made for penises are more popular than ever; over the last decade, there’s been a surge in demand for pleasure products made specifically for penises and now there are countless styles, shapes, and designs to choose from. Whether for use solo or with a partner, these sex toys amplify the experience by incorporating new sensations, high-tech functions, and huge amounts of fun.​

Penis pumps are devices that employ vacuum and/or suction to draw additional blood flow to the penis, resulting in the appearance of a larger-than-usual erection. Penis Pumps can be used to assist with erectile dysfunction and also can be used to increase sensitivity. Ranging in size, style, and method of suction, penis pumps can be battery-powered for automatic suction or hand-operated via a pump, and some have added functionality like vibration. Using pumps can temporarily enlarge the penis by length and girth. This enlarged effect can be maintained during intercourse by putting on a cock ring prior to pumping and wearing it during play. 


Some people (not all) with penises have prostates, a walnut or golf ball-sized gland about two inches inside the rectum, and prostate vibrators are specially shaped to make access easier than relying on fingers. These kinds of vibrators must have a base in order to be safe to use in the anus (without a base, without a trace!) and come in a variety of materials. While some flared bases are smooth, others are textured for additional stimulation against the perineum. 

Prostate massage isn’t for everyone, and like with G-spot massage, the only way to know is to try it and see. Many people enjoy prostate massage because it intensifies pleasure, and some report increased volume of ejaculate and firmer erections while stimulating their P-spot. As with all toys that go in butts, it’s recommended to invest in a non-porous material that is sterilizable and starts small to get used to the sensation – you can always level up when you feel ready! 

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located about two inches inside the anus on the anterior wall (towards the belly) of the rectum. Also known as the P-spot, this gland can feel highly pleasurable when stimulated using a finger or a sex toy, though it’s not for everyone.

Prostate massage can be an important part of maintaining a healthy prostate too, so for those who enjoy it, using prostate massagers is not only erotic but also good for you! Some people can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone (resulting in the possibility of multiple orgasms), which is a great option for those experiencing erectile dysfunction or erection loss. Powerful orgasms with no erection required!​

Prostate massagers can come in many configurations and sizes are subjective to each person’s preference. As with most insertables, smaller is typically better for beginners. Some massagers are shaped to stimulate the prostate by using the body’s natural contractions while others feature vibrating motors for added intensity. Most feature some kind of curve to more easily access the prostate when using the product solo. As with any toy that goes in the butt, non-porous sterilizable materials like silicone are ideal and they must have a flared base to prevent it from entering the rectum too far.​

Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located about two inches inside the anus on the anterior wall (towards the belly) of the rectum. Also known as the P-spot, this gland can feel highly pleasurable when stimulated using a finger or a sex toy, though it’s not for everyone.​

Prostate massage can be an important part of maintaining a healthy prostate too, so for those who enjoy it, using prostate massagers is not only erotic but also good for you! Some people can orgasm from prostate stimulation alone (resulting in the possibility of multiple orgasms), which is a great option for those experiencing erectile dysfunction or erection loss. Powerful orgasms with no erection required!​

Prostate massagers can come in many configurations and sizes are subjective to each person’s preference. As with most insertables, smaller is typically better for beginners. Some massagers are shaped to stimulate the prostate by using the body’s natural contractions while others feature vibrating motors for added intensity. Most feature some kind of curve to more easily access the prostate when using the product solo. As with any toy that goes in the butt, non-porous sterilizable materials like silicone are ideal and they must have a flared base to prevent it from entering the rectum too far.​

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Strokers & Sleeves

Strokers and masturbation sleeves are typically soft, squishy tubes made to pleasure penises by emulating the sensation of being inside of a mouth, anus or vagina. Some have openings that are molded in the shape of a body part while others are nondescript openings, and others are encased in a hard plastic shell that makes them a little easier to hold and, in some cases, are specially shaped for discreet storage.

The most common stroker materials are elastomers like TPE or rubbers like TPR, as they are softer and squishier than silicones and more affordable, and they are popular for their supple feel and ability to be molded in a variety of shapes and textures. Some strokers and sleeves come with higher-tech features like vibration or automatic motion while others are simple and single-use disposables. Regardless of the style, strokers and masturbators are meant to be used with copious amounts of lubricant in order to maintain a smooth glide.

Some shorter open-ended masturbation sleeves can be used during oral sex to simulate deep-throating or worn around the base of the penis during intercourse as a bumper to reduce the depth of penetration.

Vibrators can be used to pleasure the glans, shaft, testicles, and taint – any external part of the body that feels good! Standard vibrators, though often marketed toward women and people with clitorises, are not actually genital or gender specific. Bullets, eggs, wands, and more are all versatile in their ability to pinpoint pleasure. Whether in combination with a stroker or sleeve, or alone for targeted intensity, vibrators offer an experience like no other. Vibrators are “handy” toys.

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Cock Rings / Vibrating Rings

Cock rings come in a wide array of materials, like plastic, silicone, metal, and leather just to name a few. They can be worn at the base of the body around the shaft of the penis or around the shaft and testicles, depending on the desired level of constriction and sensation. The primary purpose of a cock ring is to restrict blood flow to and from the penis, which can intensify the appearance of an erection and, for some, help erections last longer. Some people also report experiencing more powerful orgasms while wearing cock rings. Many cock rings feature a mini vibrator on the top or bottom, which amplify sensations for the wearer and also can pleasure their partner at the same time. Some people wear non-vibrating cock rings underneath clothing while flaccid in order to boost their “bulge” in their pants. 

Non-vibrating cock rings fall under two categories: 

Adjustable – Adjustable rings are an ideal choice for beginners because they offer flexibility – in more ways than one. They’re easier to put on (simply stretch wide or tighten using snaps or a lasso-like loop), offer a different level of constriction, and they can be removed quickly if the sensation becomes too intense. They’re also versatile in that these styles can be worn at the base of the penis or behind the testicles, and there are many styles with more beginner-friendly price points, which makes them ideal for practice.

Non-Adjustable – Cock rings made of firm materials that offer little or no flexibility, which means they are typically reserved for more advanced users who have experimented with rings before and are familiar with how to put them on and take them off – especially when the experience gets intense. Non-adjustable rings are usually worn behind the testicles and come in multiple sizes, depending on the desired sensation, and it’s essential to use the correct size to help prevent injury. Most brands offer a size chart and instructions to help people measure themselves correctly and pick the right option. Metal or steel rings should not be sold to beginners.

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Butt Plugs

When you think of anal toys, a butt plug is usually the first thing to come to mind. Generally speaking, butt plugs (which can also be vibrating or inflatable) are conical-shaped, starting small and gently graduating in size. They usually feature a slimmer ‘neck’ at the bottom and a flared base for safety.​

Butt plugs can be used to gently stretch the anus before enjoying something bigger, like an anal dildo or a penis. They create a sensation of fullness and pressure, while stimulating the sensitive internal and external nerve endings.

When the pelvic muscles contract during an orgasm, a butt plug can intensify the sensation, as you’re squeezing against something. Using one as part of your sexual repertoire can lead to intense anal fulfillment and amazing orgasms. 

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Anal Beads

Anal beads are a great way for beginners to explore anal sex. They generally consist of a string of smooth plastic, metal or glass beads joined together by flexible material. The first few beads usually start off small but slowly graduate in size, allowing you to enjoy more and more length and girth.​

Ideal for beginners to experiment and experience anal play, these beads can be used alone for unique anal stimulation or during masturbation or intercourse. With their graduated shape, smooth spheres and ergonomic, easy-to-use design, anal beads give you a ‘filled-up’ feeling that many people find incredibly pleasurable, and can turn a regular orgasm into an earth-shattering experience.​

Pull these smooth and durable beads out just before orgasm to experience an intense experience unlike anything else!

Anal beads are a great way to experiment and experience anal play, allowing your body to adjust slowly and gently to the increasing size. Smooth and spherical, anal beads are easy to insert and non-intimidating. 

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Strap-ons are a great sex toy for both mixed- and same-sex couples. They allow you to penetrate your partner, while keeping your hands free for other fun.​

Ranging from: strap-on harness kits, pegging kits, hollow strap-ons, vibrating strap-ons, double-penetration strap-ons, Vac-U-Loc strap-ons, and even strapless strap-ons… there is something for everyone.

The majority of strap-ons come with a strap-on harness that sits around the wearer’s hips to give greater control over the toy during use.​

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of kink to your relationship, or are well-seasoned to the fun and versatility of strap-on play, there is a strap-on to fulfill your every need. 

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Fetish Playground

Engaging in BDSM, on any level, can be a deeply awakening experience. The feeling of relinquishing or gaining control in a bound-body situation is best described as erotic adrenaline. That feeling can quickly shift to less-than-pleasant if the restraint isn’t bringing you pleasure and is causing you to lose focus instead.

There are so many exciting variations of restraints available, check out the information below to familiarize yourself with the basics… and not so basic.

Ball Gags: Ball gags are available in different types of material – usually rubber or silicone for some give against the teeth. They can also be crafted of hard plastic with pre-drilled holes to allow free breathing during use. The main purpose of a ball gag is to keep one silent and submissive.

Bondage Tape: Bondage tape is a fun and innovative way to explore a kink! Usually they resemble the slick and shiny nature of electrical tape but without the stickiness or adhesive residue. The tape attaches to itself when it makes contact on the body, rather than the body itself, which means there’s no skin irritation and no removal pain – plus it won’t pull on hair (unless you want it to). Leave that messy, pesky duct tape behind!

Collar/Leash: Being led around with a collar and leash is a serious kink between a Dom and their Sub. You also can wear your collar in public to let other Doms know that you’re spoken for. 

Cuffs: Whether for the wrist, arm, ankle, or leg, cuffs are a great way to venture into bondage play. There is a wide variety from locking metal or durable leather to soft nylon or silicone, and the possibilities are endless with this simple bondage piece.

Door Restraints: Ranging from wrist cuffs to sex swings, door restraints are dependable and durable – the structural support of interior doors is far too often overlooked! Suspending a Sub for sex or just binding them in place for discipline is now easier in cramped spaces thanks to door restraints.

Dungeon Iron: These are offered in many forms, from professional-quality police handcuffs to modern takes on medieval torture devices. Sticks and stones can break my bones, but kink and chains excite me! If that’s your jam, dungeon irons are where it’s at for hardcore “stay-put!” play. Irons can range from shackles for restraint to metal cock-cages or chastity devices for control outside of the dungeon.

Grip Cuffs: A little bit of wrist cuff (and a little bit of over-the-door restraint) makes grip cuffs a go-to for comfortable, longer-term bondage. Giving the wearer a bar to grab allows weight to distribute to more than just the wrist joint, extending play and pleasure while eliminating weight-bearing discomfort.

Hog Ties: Whether fashioned by bondage rope or ready to roll with wrist and ankle cuffs already in place, a hogtie is designed to control a Sub by restraining the wrists and ankles to a cross (X) fixture found at the back.

Medical Restraints: Get your Naughty Nurse on with medical-grade restraints. Arm and leg cuffs, neck restraints, posture collars, body straps – all kinds of tools one might find in a hospital or medical scenario. Bring your deepest, darkest doctor fantasies to life!​

Mouth Bit: A mouth bit is a general term for any BDSM gag that features a long, cylindrical-shaped bit rather than a circular ball gag. They’re usually made of soft rubber or silicone (ideal because it’s tasteless and scent-less), but some are made of other materials like stainless steel or wood. Mouth bits can be used as both a gag method or a kinky way to be led around town!

Mouth Gag: Similar to a ball gag, advanced mouth restraints are diverse in type. In place of a traditional ball or bit, advanced mouth restraints can force the mouth and lips open, and hold them there, allowing for easy access. Other options feature attachments that can transform the wearer’s mouth into a service tool.

Posture Collar: Combining the best parts of a traditional collar and hogtie restraint, posture collars limit the mobility of the neck and keep a person’s face forward and at attention. Most posture collars have an O-ring that allows a leash to be attached, if desired.

Rope: Aside from a trip to your local hardware store for twine, there are plenty of body-safe options to tie your lover up. Bondage ties/rope can range in length from short enough for restraining the hands or feet, to long enough for elaborate knots and harnesses. Because rope is the most familiar, it is often categorized as a beginner item. However, unlike most restraint implements on this list, rope has the ability to tighten with resistance and even cut off circulation or airflow. Rope knots and restraints should be practiced before putting them to use. If you choose to use rope, you should always, ALWAYS keep a pair of sharp scissors close by in case of emergency.

Spreader Bars: Spreader bars are intended to keep arms and legs spread apart and restrained. Whether it’s for easier access or to keep your Sub in line, spreaders can be used to bind the hands and feet independently or together.

Straitjackets / Sleep Sacks: Both have the same idea – complete immobilization. The main difference between the two is that a straitjacket is just for upper body bondage, while a sleep sack is full-body bondage. For sleep sacks, specifically, think of a sleeping bag that’s skin tight. 

Suspension Equipment: To kick up the kink, consider the hard steel and erotic submission of dungeon irons. These devices have a plethora of models and allow a Sub to remain suspended from above via their legs, arms, wrists – almost any body part.

Under Bed Restraint: Designed to be held in place under a mattress, these restraints feature ankle and wrist cuffs at each corner to hold the Sub in place, spread wide across the entire bed, waiting for kinky fun to begin.

As always, practice respect and encourage communication when engaging in BDSM. Trust and consent between partners is a must when bondage is involved, so find someone special you are comfortable with and tie ‘em up or get tied down!